Boston Global Executive Team

Corey Cooney

Corey Cooney

Bill Moss AO

Chairman and Founder

Bill is the Chairman and Founder of Boston Global who sets the strategy and oversees all facets of the business. Bill is a leader in funds management, banking, real estate, energy and philanthropy. Bill was an Executive Director with Macquarie Group managing Macquarie's Global Banking and Real Estate Businesses. Bill is also the Chairman and Founder of The FSHD Global Research Foundation.

Corey Cooney

  Executive Director

Corey Cooney is the Group Executive Director of Boston Global overseeing and implementing group strategy with particular focus on real estate and funds management. Corey's experience includes property development and investment, finance, funds management and energy. Corey leadership style ensures that as value is derived through a team effort at all stages of the investment process. 

Jason Shepherd

Development Director

As Development Director, Jason manages Boston Real Estate's property developments. He is responsible for due diligence, financial feasibility analyses, concept planning, development approvals, project delivery, leasing and compliance. Jason's experience in government and private sectors include large-scale residential, industrial and tourism developments. He is also involved in Boston Energy and Innovation's multi-billion-dollar Smart Technology Hub in Northern Australia.

Bill Moss AO

Chairman and Founder

Mitchell Tolhurst

Energy and Finance Director 

As Divisional Director, Mitchell is actively involved in the operation of each business unit providing particular expertise in project financing. Mitchell is involved in the acquisition and delivery of Boston Real Estate's property development projects. He is also an integral member of a highly skilled project team responsible for the delivery of several global renewable energy projects within Boston Energy and Innovation which includes a multi-billion-dollar Smart Technology Hub in Northern Australia.

Natalie Cooney

Health and Science Director

Natalie leads Boston Health and Science. As the Director of the division, heading the operational and scientific aspects of the business. Natalie’s philanthropic nature and passion for health make her an integral part of the team and our ethos. Natalie’s presence on the science board of FSHD Global research foundation and her previous experience as its Managing Director provide her with incredible insight to the medical, scientific and philanthropic requirements of businesses.

Peter Ratcliffe

Investment Director

Pete has extensive experience in global strategic consultancy roles including commercial, operations management and advisory across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. Pete pursues opportunistic interests in Private Debt, Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture asset classes, focusing on a broad range of industries and sectors including Healthcare, Technology, Renewable Energy, Clean / Green Tech, Financial Services and Fintech, Agriculture and Ag Tech, Commercial Realty, Education, Aged Care and Tourism.

Ahmed El-Sayed

Senior Analyst

Ahmed had been working with the international banking conglomerate Doha Bank for over 10 years starting in Doha, then moving on to Dubai. Commencing studies in Egypt in the field of engineering and then completing his business degree in Switzerland. Ahmed has joined the team here in Sydney bringing a wealth of experience that he has accumulated over his career in Europe and the Middle East. Ahmed is playing a crucial analytical role in the fields of Property, Energy, Science and Tourism.

Belinda Eykman

Marketing Director

Belinda’s focus is to drive marketing projects and branding across Boston Global’s businesses. With both above and below the line marketing experience in the wholesale, retail, property and media industries, Belinda has worked with a portfolio of some of Australia’s strongest brands across her career. Belinda is continuously working on a strategic and result driven approach to be ahead of the ever changing marketing and business landscape.

Ben Schultz

Leisure & Tourism Director

Ben is one of the country’s leaders in a new generation of Hospitality and Leisure investors. He has a diverse range of experience across the the Hospitality and Leisure sectors, and for over 15 years has been the driving force of some of the country’s most successful food, beverage and gaming venues.

Ben is an accomplished executive recognised for driving business growth and his ability to offer distinctive strategic direction.

Leo Economides

Investment & Credit Director

Leo has extensive experience in structuring, modelling and executing transactions. After completing a degree in Actuarial Studies, he has worked exclusively in investment banking, across the business areas of leasing, structured finance, project finance, property finance and funds management.  He has and continues to advise a number of large corporates, high profile Directors and governments on investments and transactions. He brings a strong risk discipline to the Boston Global team.

Elias Coorey


Elias Coorey holds a degree in Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance. Having worked in a property and finance consultancy company, Elias has joined Boston Global as an analyst and works in the fields of Property Development, Energy and Financial Analysis. Outside of work, Elias has a passion for Rugby League and family.


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