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Moss passes baton- The Australian, 4th September

Bill Moss AO, founder and chairman of the FSHD Global Research Foundation, has announced he’s to conclude his chairmanship of the charitable board. He will be succeeded by his daughter, the foundation’s managing director Natalie Cooney.

The long-time Macquarie Group executive director, who was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral dystrophy when he was 28, set up the foundation in 2007. It has since raised more than $11m, funding 54 medical research grants across 10 countries.

It was named the Australian charity of the year for 2017.

Cooney has been involved with the foundation for more than a decade.

“Natalie is the only person that has the prerequisite skills and experience to take on this role,” Moss told Margin Call.

Cooney ran a successful events and PR agency for six years after university, before joining the organisation.

“It is my mission to use innovative philanthropy to fight for treatments and a cure within my lifetime,” Cooney said.

Moss’s personal investment into new and unproven techniques to stop the muscle disease through his personal biotech ventures will continue into the future.

Moss will be remaining on the board and its medical research advisory committee.

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