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Unlocking value through innovation.

At Boston Global we invest our time to fully understand our partners’ requirements and develop solutions that create additional value and unlock synergies not previously considered.

We do this by understanding world’s best practices, emerging technologies and innovative investment models. 


Our recommendations are designed to maximise the value of each project inclusive of ESG considerations.

A  Technology & Innovation  focus, will help companies in need of equity investment, financial structuring, product development and commercialisation.

Our Real Estate investment strategy focuses on selecting sub-sectors based on our inhouse industry knowledge and long-term analysis of cyclical demographic and social trends. While we invest in all real estate sectors we specialise in providing solutions for social, key worker housing and accommodation, medical hotels and disability accommodation throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Global Partners: In a world where changes in geopolitical, economic, technology, health and environmental trends are occurring at a much faster pace, we believe that it is important to look at investment and utilise global capital flows to provide above average returns to local and global investors.

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